Sourcing Service: We will get products you need for your business from China market with low minimum quanqity and competitive price on time with low charges.
Online Stores: We will slected hot-sale products every week and upload to the online store for you to choose if you have no idea what to sell currently.
Shipping Services: We will help you with the whole  shipping process to your country if you don't have your own shipping channel/agents.

Quality assurance

Arrive on time
Transportation safety
Competitive price
Professional services

Started as a member of shipping forwarder ,worked with AOL global group who specialized in cargo from China to Africa (especially nigeria )from year 2009 to year 2013 in Guangzhou. cause of the language barrier between clients and suppliers ,we used to follow clients to manufactures and wholesale markets a lot to help with the full dealing from bargaining to shipping the items safely to the doorstep of the clients .

Registered BD Sourcing (BD SOURCE GLOBAL (HK) TRADING CO., LIMITED) and Fully Stepped into sourcing business from year 2013 after we accumulated rich experience in marketing and sourcing during past 5years ,we helped over hundreds clients in Africa market to get what they need from China market without facing worries like huge minimum order quantity / unseen quality issue / clueless shipping and clearance.etc. and now most of the clients become our "spokesman" after using our service .

50+ professional sourcing team members ,600+ square meters warehousing, Flexible shipping method ,We are here ready to help your business grew to a new lever height .

Our Vision

To be your most reliable one-stop business partner in China.
Our  Mission

We focus on helping our clients find effective and efficient business solutions and optimize your supply chain through a combination of strategic solutions and tailored services.
Your One-Stop Supplier Solutions of Buying From China,
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